How to connect satellite Internet from Elon Musk and how much does it cost

Hello friends! Elon Musk could not have heard about Starlink unless the huntsman in the deep taiga. But not everyone knows that you can connect such an Internet right now. Below I will tell you how much it will cost and what needs to be done.

How to connect satellite Internet from Elon Musk and how much does it cost

What is Starlink?

This is a huge constellation of about 1600 satellites at the moment. A total of 12,000-42,000 are planned. This spread is due to the fact that over time, some will be taken out of circulation and replaced with new ones. But this is still all in theory. So far, there are only 1,600 working satellites.

In fact, such a network will allow anyone to connect to high-speed Internet from anywhere in the world. You will need equipment to receive / send a signal and electricity for power supply.

How much does it cost and where to order?

At the moment, the network is in testing mode and the sale of equipment is on a first come, first served basis. You can simply go to the official Starlink website, queue up and wait for an email alert. After that, all you have to do is order the installation kit.

As for prices, it will cost $ 499, which translated into rubles equals 34-36 thousand rubles (depending on the exchange rate).

The kit includes cables, router, mounting plate and so on. After installation, you just need to connect to the network itself.

The cost of access at the moment is $ 99, that is, approximately 7,000 rubles. This is a rather large amount, but if you consider that you get unlimited Internet even in the deepest forest, then this is more than adequate. The average speed at the moment is 50-100 Mb / s. Over time, Starlink promises to reduce cost and increase speed.

What do you think about Elon Musk's satellite internet? Let's discuss this in the comments👇💬

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