Mechanical watch VOSTOK YN85 - only 3000 items🔻

Hello friends! Vostok watches are still popular in the post-Soviet space. And the Vostok Europe brand has breathed new life outside the Russian Federation.

Mechanical watch VOSTOK YN85 - only 3000 items🔻
Mechanical watch VOSTOK YN85 - only 3000 items🔻

In fact, this is the same Vostok watch, which is still produced at the same Chistopol factory. It was just that in 2003 the company decided to declare itself again and, together with a Lithuanian company, founded the Vostok Europe sub-brand. Therefore, those in the know have been buying stylish and modern watches from this brand for a long time. Although many still think that this is some kind of craft under a well-known brand.

As for this model, this is a chic limited watch dedicated to the legendary Soviet car - Gaz 14. This is a long limousine used by officials during the Soviet era. Only 3000 watches were released, each of them is numbered.

Buy now Vostok Europe YN85 you can for 27-30 thousand rubles, depending on the store.
  • Mechanism. The watch is powered by mechanical spring energy. The movement is made in Japan - the Seiko Epson YN85 caliber. It is a robust movement that has a Diashock anti-shock device that protects the accuracy of the movement.
  • Materials (edit). Nothing out of the ordinary here. The case is made of steel, the strap is black genuine leather, and the watch glass is mineral with an anti-reflective coating. The classic set of most watches on the market.
  • Dimensions (edit). The size of the watch is medium. Case diameter is 43mm and thickness is 13mm. Suitable for almost any man.
  • Water resistance. Since the watch is still classic and does not even have a hint of sportiness, the protection against water is only 50WR. This means that the watch can easily withstand rain and shower, but no more.
  • Functional. There is no such functionality here, this is an ordinary classic watch without unnecessary problems. But still, the analog counter of the remaining move looks unusual. Styling under the dashboard Gas 14.

Even if I love sports models more, I like this classic, which is associated with history. This is a really cool collectible watch that you are not ashamed to give or buy for yourself!

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