How to repair a suspended ceiling, if you did it cut

There are a variety of life situations, and during one of them you accidentally damaged your new kid suspended ceilings. The first thing you think of his replacement due to maintenance difficulties, but do not despair, the repair is still possible to carry out.

type of damage

Cut - the most common case of damage, although it would seem that to make the cut on the ceiling is absolutely not realistic, but it happens sometimes. It is worth remembering that you can only repair the fabric ceiling without seams.

The repair methods
If the damage is relatively small, that simply cover the hole with adhesive tape, and then call the master. Only a specialist can sensibly assess the extent of damage and to point out the ways to solve problems.

The most common way to repair sections of bonding film is in the incision site. For such repairs choose a film identical shade of a ceiling that would be from the bottom was not visible stitching. You can also seal the cut than the original or whether, for example, applique. Take note - if the hole is not large, you can install instead of repairing it lighting device.

Will be a good replacement scotch glass wallpaper, you can stick on the cut. After sealing the section it should be painted with paint coinciding with a touch of your ceiling. However, if the cut is not large, it can be easy to just sew thin thread (preferably a nylon), but after stitching ceiling should still tint.

The complexity of the repair also depends on the material of the ceiling version, if you have a ceiling made of PVC, the repair will be more difficult. There will depend on the setting of coating technology. If this shtapikovka, the experts will repair your ceiling without problems. Also important is the size of the ceiling, it does not exceed 20 cm in length, the damage can be tightened over the perimeter of the ceiling. But if the defect is too strong, you have to replace the entire ceiling as a whole, but as a profile for the ceiling that you pay only for the film and its replacement.

And is not repaired in case - you had a fabric seam gap. In this case, minor repairs are not possible, you have to replace the entire ceiling entirely. There are many reasons that can occur like this:

  1. Low quality performance ceiling material;
  2. Bad weld profile;
  3. Excessive tension and the like.

In such cases, please contact directly to the company that carried out the installation, they must deal with the replacement of your ceiling.

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