Why is a server from an old computer not suitable for me?

Readers have repeatedly suggested saving money and making a NAS out of an old computer. The stage passed for me. I am not going to return to this topic any more. The reasons have been explained more than once in the comments. Has accumulated for full-fledged material.

It takes a long and expensive time to "finish" a server from an old computer

At first glance, the idea is attractive. Choose your own hardware and operating system. As a result, I will get exactly the device I wanted. Fortunately, there is a lot of experience.

Then you need to spend time building the server. Install and adjust the operating system. Then set up the file system, backups, and file shares.

And you will have to spend a lot of money on good hardware. The option is to use an old computer. Cheap, but too "angry". Older PCs have obvious flaws that are rarely talked about. But I always remember.

Why NAS from an old computer is not right for me
Why NAS from an old computer is not right for me

Ancient, power-hungry and loud computers with inefficient power supplies could seem like a technological miracle a few years ago. And again I would have to mess around and invest money. Change the fans to quiet ones, and the old power supply to the current one.

I will assemble the computer with my own hands. The server will no longer be. For me, the issue has been resolved in favor of the six-drive Synology DS1621 +.

Everything you need is out of the box. I set up a full-fledged server in a few hours. It could be faster, but I prefer to work slowly and thoughtfully. So as not to redo it later.

As a result, a RAID array reduces the likelihood of data loss to almost zero. I have no doubts about the case and power supply unit of Synology. The hum does not interfere with either rest or work.

I value time

DSM operating system adapted to work in 2021-2022. There is everything you need to deploy a local network and organize a home cloud. If you need it, you will have a web server and your own email.

I calmly read the news about the limitation of cloud services. Has Google Photos added a limit? We can only be glad that my photos are in a personal cloud, and not in someone else's.

Installing the necessary software for the NAS. There are also office programs and a Plex server. I appreciate high-quality and convenient software no less than hardware. There are more tasks. New ones are constantly appearing. Choosing the best apps for each is too troublesome.

Synology NAS interface
Synology NAS interface

Previously, a self-assembled NAS suited. In 2021 it is no longer suitable. The value of the data is higher and the time is less. The storage needs to be fast and stable. Week or two not to work, but only to collect and configure the server I can not afford.

There are activities that are both more useful and interesting. This is where NAS helps. Before going to bed, I watch a movie from the server disk on a big TV. I listen to music without cluttering my phone memory.

Explained in the "System Administrator's Blog" why I opted for an advanced model with great upgrade possibilities. 4K content is growing. It's easier to add disks and pump the network up to 10 Gbps than to change the NAS.

Which NAS is more convenient for you to work with? Share your opinion in the comments 👇

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