New Free Android Apps for September 2021

Hello friends! In this article, I will tell you about the most interesting and useful applications that were released in September 2021.

New Free Android Apps for September 2021

This time I was a little late, but the rubric is already about 2 years old, so the new month is a new selection. This time, all applications are clear and focused on a specific desired task for specific people. Hope you enjoy it.

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New Free Android Apps for September 2021


This is a pocket trainer in your smartphone. You create your own exercises, and the application monitors their implementation. Counts approaches, time, and so on. Can be used for cooking, for example, boiling eggs to your desired doneness.

That is, in fact, it is more of a timer, but for certain tasks. Translated into Russian and has no ads.

Privacy Dashboard

An application that provides functionality from Android 12 to any other version of the system. Works great on both 11 and 10. The point is that the application shows in detail what permissions this or that application has, when it was used, and so on.

Therefore, I advise you to install it while there is no update on Android 12.

Skysmart Solutions

A useful app for parents. I advise parents to install this, not schoolchildren. So you can correctly explain to the child how this or that task is solved, why this word is spelled like that, and so on.

Camo - webcam

A simple, but at the same time necessary application. Webcams are used by many serious people, and even in the current age of remote work, simple workers have acquired this device.

So this application makes the very same webcam from your smartphone. It's simple - a high-quality webcam costs a lot of money, but you already have a smartphone and most cameras will be better than many webcams.

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