Family in the country built a gazebo capital 5.8 by 3.8 meters. Photos Before / After.

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The summer season in the country for many it is an occasion to realize their desires in terms of improving living, here and in this situation, the couple decided to improve their land.

To this end, it was all necessary, place under a gazebo, materials, arms and the main thing - desire.

For a start it has been chosen location for the gazebo and made markings. After this has been partially removed and ground to form a trench dug foundation.

Gazebo planned capital, so a good foundation for solid brick and plus to all it and make waterproofing material, so he started to crumble from the water was made.

During the laying of the foundation once installed base for the pillars to further that they can be welded eyelets for attaching decorative walls.

Often the gazebo as a floor do a flooring of boards, but in this case was covered with a full concrete slab.

Once the foundation slab and dried out, started the most interesting part - from facing brick pillars and began to spread a little raised the wall between the pillars.

Then the roof began to set, it also turned out rather bulky and strong.

At the end of the work lay a roof and into the space between the pillars began installing vertical bar, the task was a bit to cover the porch, but it does not close completely.

This solution is perfect has come, in this case.

As a result of the work was very powerful design, which looks like it is very intimate and cozy.

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