It got warmer on the street and our apartment froze immediately. "Savings", in which we freeze, but pay more. I want to go to my house

Deliver me, God, from my friends, and I can handle the enemies myself... What a wise expression. The enemy of the human race himself will not think of what comes to the mind of local officials in their tireless concern for our welfare. And they also say: "make the fool pray to god, he will break his forehead".

Those born in the late USSR are well aware of the slogan "The economy must be economical." Remember how everyone was encouraged to turn off the light in the toilet and not waste water from the tap? It seems that history has made a circle and we are back to the same thing, but on a new level. Greta Tumberg and all that.

In the morning my right leg was brutally frozen. Dropped out from under the covers and froze. He opened his eyes, stared into the darkness, tucked his leg in, rolled over and fell asleep again. So that in half an hour they wake up from the fact that the left one is covered with frost...

I drew her in too, but the dream did not go. I lay down, thinking about the next fantasies of the Chief Architect and the ceilings with niches.

You know how it happens when it seems that you can still sleep, but thoughts wander in my head and I can't sleep? While I was thinking, I woke up completely.

Gently crawled out from under the covers. Brrr ... I got to the kitchen and turned on the kettle. Damn, why is it so cold? He returned to the bedroom and glanced at his watch. +16°. I touched the heating riser. The touch is 30 degrees. Some kind of nonsense. It's the end of November on the calendar and the batteries are cold. Is there an accident again? They got it, damn it ...

+16°. Coldly...
+16°. Coldly...
Several years ago we already had this. In November, the heating networks decided to arrange a scheduled repair of the heating main, and the whole area of ​​the city was heated for a couple of weeks "in a damped mode". This is when the water is simply driven in a circle without heating. And on the street it reached -20 °.

Meanwhile, the water boiled. He took it off the stand and wandered into the bathroom. Wash your face. With a teapot. I do not like to wash my face with ice water. Strange, hot water gushed from the tap... I don't understand anything - if there is an accident on the heating main, then where is the hot one from?

He washed, climbed into his favorite kigurumi and went to bask in the office. I have a warm floor there. Slightly stuck reading your comments. I woke up in a couple of hours. Nifiga's apartment hasn't warmed up. I decided to call the emergency gang.

- Emergency service, operator Ekaterina Stepanova. What happened?

- Hello, Katya. A fish is freezing in my aquarium.

- I sympathize, but how can we help?

- You can help very much. Let's say turn on the batteries.

- Dictate the address, now we'll send a specialist.

Surprisingly, an hour later two masked guys knocked on the door.

- Did you come to turn on the batteries?

- No, on request, measure the temperature.

- Rybka?

- In the apartment. In any room except the kitchen.

- Well, let's go to the bedroom then

I am warming myself in the office
I am warming myself in the office

As expected, the "scientific impeller" device was even less likely. +15°. The guy took a picture of the testimony in the background of the bedroom.

- Well, you see, I'm not lying. It's really cold.

- I did not doubt it. Today I go to measure all morning. It’s like that for everyone.

- How will your measurement help warm the apartment?

- No way. It's my job to fix it.

Hello, we've arrived...

In order not to torment you with boring details, I'll tell you right away what is the matter. Another official, in another prayer, broke his forehead. This has never happened, and now again ...

I'm sitting all angry
I'm sitting all angry

The management company said that they could not do anything, because "the coolant is supplied to the system at a temperature corresponding to the outside temperature of -2 °". And do not care that the batteries are cold, and the apartments are cold. Everything is according to the standard.

Is it a fashionable struggle to protect the environment from "thermal pollution", as I understand it? To take care of us and to save the planet's resources, the thermal engineers have planned to lower the temperature in the batteries. They say it's warmer on the street and there is no point in overheating. Otherwise, residents will open the windows and "heat the street". Well, they overdid it...

I just can't understand one thing. Why do thermal engineers need this? It's their job to sell heat energy. It would seem that the more heat we spend, the more money they will receive. You look, and what a premium will get hot. What a touching "concern for people"?

And what did we get in the end? In the apartments it is cold, in order to somehow warm up the residents will turn on the electric heaters. Instead of paying for relatively inexpensive central heating, they will pay for expensive electricity.

Once again I was convinced that it is better to live not in an apartment, but in your own house. And it's up to me to decide whether I need savings or not. Thank you, dear utilities, and bow down to the ground.

Does your apartment get warmer or colder as the weather improves, like ours?

PS The fish survived.

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