UAZ conquers America, collected 3.8 mln. dollars

It always surprises me when Russian cars suddenly start selling well in Europe, and even more so in America. It seems that something similar happened to the "UAZ" - thanks to the Californian company Bremach.

UAZ conquers America, collected 3.8 mln. dollars

What she did: showed our "Patriot" at the international salon.

And, apparently, she advertised the car well. So the Americans rushed to make pre-orders. Already collected 3.8 million dollars. It is a pity that there is no information on how many cars have already been ordered.

But here you can include logic: it is known that the minimum deposit is $ 100. I do not think that Americans are somehow differently arranged than residents of other countries. Accordingly, the majority is likely to make a minimum deposit. 3800000/100=3800. In fact, probably fewer cars have been ordered. Let's say three or four times. But even if the Americans buy 1000 UAZs, this is also very serious.

What's the secret? Obviously, it's about the price.

Bremach offers UAZ for $ 26,405. This is in the region of 1.9 million. rubles. Not weak. But they also offer special equipment in the USA. The car, which was named Bremach 4x4 SUV, has:

  • excellent off-road tires;
  • widened wheel arches;
  • reinforced bumpers;
  • heavy-duty towing eyes.

Not much, on the other hand, for a car to sell for $ 1.9 million. rubles. But this, judging from Russia. In America, views are different. There is no doubt that the Patriot is very inexpensive. Indeed, if we consider the competitors, it turns out that, indeed, "UAZ" is a very profitable acquisition.

For example, "Ford Bronco" will cost much more - by a couple of thousand dollars. Maybe the difference is not too big for America. Although it cannot be said that $ 2,000 is not money.

What's under the hood?

While there is a standard motor "ZMZ". It has a volume of 2.7 liters. 150 horsepower. Four-wheel drive.

There will be no manual transmission for America. It is clear that the United States has long been accustomed to comfort, no one wants to "pull the handle". Therefore, it was decided to supply the car exclusively with a gun.

But that's not all. So far, Bremach plans to supply UAZ vehicles from Russia. It is convenient: bought at a cheaper price, sold at a higher price. Nothing superfluous, but the profit goes. But the American company is thinking about starting the assembly of UAZs right in the States. Let's see what happens.

The digging also has thoughts to sell pickups - also "Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant". They will cost, on average, $ 1,000 more.

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