The person who helped me get a lot of debt this year

The person who helped me get a lot of debt this year

There is such a wonderful saying “If you want to help the hungry, give him no fish, give him a fishing rod,” and in this regard, I completely agree. I always earned good money with my head, but I just couldn't manage money. It is for this reason that in 2018 I got into big debt, naively thinking that I would get out and save my small business.

I have been in debt for 3 years and now I am at the home stretch. This year I managed to reduce the term of my 5-year loan to 3 years - and the main loan, for which the payment is now more than 30 thousand rubles a month, ends in February. There is no limit to my joy that Kabbalah will soon end. But we are talking about something else. About a year ago, I came across a free master class by Yegor Arslanov, an investor with great experience.

In general, I have always been skeptical about the topic of investing and thought that in order to enter there you need to have an extra million. But how was I wrong? You can start with small amounts - the main thing here is not to get a momentary jackpot, but to understand how the whole system works.

I managed to figure out the intricacies of investing in a master class from Yegor Arslanov - he tells in simple words where you can invest and where you can't. By the way, I will not advise here exactly where to invest - because all decisions need to be made in financial matters on your own.

But most importantly, after going through all the stages of training in financial school, I began to understand where to spend money and where not.

It would seem that everything is simple, but in reality it is not - psychological attitudes in my head are difficult to change right away, it took me about 3 months. Now I understand that I made a lot of unnecessary expenses caused by some thoughtless impulses. This knowledge helped me create a small financial cushion - anything can happen in life.

If you want to change something in your finances, I recommend the free
master class by Yegor Arslanov - you can read reviews about him on the Internet. This information course is one of the few that really changes psychological attitudes inside the head and allows you to look at your life differently.

For skeptics, I'll tell you right away - the financial school has an official license for educational activities №5631 from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.


Sign up for a master class, you will not regret it!

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