Should I choose a tablet or an e-book for reading? Understanding

As a lover of reading ordinary books, I faced a problem - in bookstores the cost of ordinary books beats some incredible records, and the library does not have what I need from modern authors. And somehow it's not the time to go to the library - everything is available in digital format.

But the question is - where to read from? A computer or laptop screen is not suitable in this regard, as you want to read while lying on the couch before going to bed. Smartphone? The screen is too small, and if you increase the font, you need to constantly use scrolling.

Therefore, the choice is small - a tablet PC or an e-book. Let's take a look at both options.

Should I choose a tablet or an e-book for reading? Understanding
Should I choose a tablet or an e-book for reading? Understanding
Should I choose a tablet or an e-book for reading? Understanding

Tablet as a book

Convenient in that, in addition to reading, you can watch videos, surf the Internet and play games. But reading on a large, bright screen is harmful to the eyes, especially before bed. Of course, you can reduce the brightness, but in this case you will need to strain your eyes to read.

Scientists have long proven that the artificial blue light that comes from the LCD screen knocks down the biorhythms of a person - it is more difficult for him to fall asleep. Try reading an ordinary paper book, and the next day the text from the screen - from an ordinary book you will fall asleep faster. In addition, a tablet for reading should not be cheap - at least, the screen should be of very high quality so as not to strain your eyes.

Also, the tablet can be inconvenient because it can be distracted from reading your favorite book by something else, such as instant messengers or games. But you really want no one to bother you while reading.


Virtually no harm to eyesight - the screen is able to emulate a sheet of paper and ink on it due to the special technology of electronic ink (E-Ink). Conveniently, you can read in the dark - most models already have a built-in backlight. But there are a couple of downsides to this gadget:

- Not all e-readers have built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This means that you need a computer to load the necessary materials into the book. Or a memory card, which also needs to be "charged" with books via a PC.

- Sometimes you want to read articles on the Internet, but the book does not support this possibility. And it is inconvenient to save the necessary web pages every time, to clean them from embedded ads and unnecessary information.

But even here there is a way out of the situation - to buy a book on a full-fledged Android. Such a gadget differs from a tablet only a screen. That is, this is a classic e-book that has all the functions of a tablet, unless you play games and watch videos.

But you can listen to your favorite music while reading and enjoy all the benefits of a smartphone, except that there will be no SIM card slot. Materials in such a book can be uploaded both via Wi-Fi and by downloading directly through a classic browser.

Such an e-book will certainly cost more, but the screen in it will be of much better quality than in an inexpensive device.

What's the conclusion?

If you read a little, then you can read it from your smartphone. Otherwise, the only option is an e-book. With or without bells and whistles, it's up to you to decide, because it all depends on the tasks.

Personally, I opted for the powerful ONYX BOOX KON-TIKI 2 e-book with Android 10, you can look at the review here:

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