A strange red badge appeared on Xiaomi? I tell you what it is and how to remove it

Hello friends! Smartphones are full-fledged computers and it is impossible to know everything, especially when you see an incomprehensible icon for a year of using the phone for the first time.

A strange red badge appeared on Xiaomi? I tell you what it is and how to remove it


We were sitting with my wife watching a movie, then a cat jumps on the table and knocks down her phone. She lifts it up and sees this red badge. I re-furred the entire firmware and could not figure out what it meant in any way. At first there were ideas that after the fall, something was damaged, and the phone signals this. But it was unlikely that it was so. In the end, I decided to just close everything and disable all services.

What it is?

Closing all running applications did not change anything. I went further, began to turn off everything that came to hand, and after several disconnections, I found the culprit of this icon!

After turning off Bluetooth, I realized that this icon shows the battery status on the connected device. In our case, it was a smart watch. Therefore, if you suddenly see the same icon on your smartphone, do not worry, just charge your connected device😊.

I hope this information was helpful to you. Thank you for the attention!

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