Brigade cleaned the apartment in Stalin to zero and made a modern expensive repairs. Photos Before / After.

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The couple hired a team of workers to make repairs to the old Stalin purchased. The house is very old and the repair does not make it a very long time.

Accordingly, the state was depressing, old wallpaper, which were dirty from dust, faded and looked very sad.

Old pipes, radiators, floors in a terrible state, in general, to lead this apartment good condition needed to completely disassemble and take out all and only then re all build.

On such a huge scope of work, was invited to a team of builders, or to deal with it was not.

The first step is removal of the brigade took up the old garbage and began to open the floor, under which was his great a bunch of garbage, clean up that had shovels shovels with a huge number of building bags.

At the same time in some places, the builders of cunning, and the wiring on the ceiling threw just like that, keeping in mind that will be made and the ceilings of the wires will hide behind them.

And now closer to the result of the work, in the bathroom possible to establish a large corner bath, and on the wall tile decoration made by natural wood.

The rest of the wall decorated of a marble, it is very nice to get a combination of textures of wood and cold marble.

bathroom space extends a huge mirror, which occupies the entire space of the niche.

All good, but how to clean constantly is the mirror?

In the bedroom, looked through a common bathroom design solutions, in particular one of the walls is also decorated of a natural tree.

In order to make the apartment more spacious one wall between the kitchen and living room combined in a single space, thereby obtaining a large, spacious room.

In the kitchen, they installed a large glossy facade, with modern appliances and a color scheme.

Let's just say, a little flat, but the money invested to renovate very well, it shows in the quality of work and performance of the materials selected.

The most important thing that the owners satisfied with the quality of the work crews, and any problems with the builders did not, as regards the timing and quality of work done.

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