As defrost metal pipes

Upon the occurrence of the first serious cold, owners of private homes are often faced with such unpleasant phenomenon as the coolant from freezing in pipes. As a rule, modern plastic pipes have good performance characteristics at low temperatures.

And yet, from the interruptions in heating system and water supply cold winter no one is immune. To avoid costly repairs, as well as for the competent restore normal permeability metal pipes, should carry out some expert advice.

General recommendations:

after determining the place of freezing should be up to the stop closest to unscrew the valve; defrost process to produce gradually from the gate to the site and then freezing; constantly monitor the temperature of the warm-up, the most simple test: a touch of the hand does not burn; remember that the excess temperature can result in the formation of steam inside the pipes, which inevitably ends up breaking.

Main defrosting methods.

Autonomous heating system of the building makes it possible to cope with the problem in the simplest and safest way: After turning the tube slowly thawed and warmed themselves. When working with the pipe in the basement will then wrap the requested portion cloths, rags and water the hot water. Do not forget to substitute a portion of the work capacity to flowing water is formed frost.

Well fused with the problem with electric blankets and heating pads. Frozen pipes neatly wrapped in a blanket, and from above are covered by a dense tissue for insulation. Heated produce gradually, from minimum power to the stronger. As defrosting the heat medium smoothly move the whole structure to complete the ice plugs.

If the wiring in the basement can be used infrared radiant heater or appliances generating hot air (fan heater, hair dryer, etc.), then arrange them so that the heat directed onto a frozen portion pipe. In this case, special attention should be paid to the temperature warming and monitor more frequently.

The most experienced and trained masters can use defrosting method using a blowtorch or gas burner. This most extreme option that requires special training and the corresponding equipment for a gas burner with a flame divider, asbestos cardboard sheets and a fire extinguisher. Before the heating of the sheet should be placed behind asbestos cardboard tubes and frozen slowly heated coolant.

Whichever method you use defrosting, do not forget about elementary safety rules:

Do not leave unattended equipment and accessories; use safety means (glasses, gloves, special. clothing and footwear); do not allow children to be near the place of work; please have the sufficient funds to extinguish the fire.

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