The man became a bachelor altered to your taste flat. Photos Before / After.

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After the man was a change on the part of the family situation, this often happens in the apartment where the man lived with his wife, he was alone.

Looking at the situation and the situation it was decided to do it all by yourself to your taste, the most irritated niche in the wall, from which a man wanted to get rid of in the first place.

And began repair work carried out by the owner of the apartment with his hands, slowly in the evening, the benefit of free time was good enough for this.

If we look at the condition of the apartment before renovation, we see that everything was clean and neat, but a large number of bright colors and a great abundance of flowers, clearly says that the decor was engaged spouse.

From this it is not surprising that, after the repair of apartments began to look completely, diametrically opposed in style.

After removing all the wallpaper and furniture covering, which in the future will still have to take as repairs went the scope of the demolition niches bachelor gradually dismantled all the niches in order to remake the complete assembly walls.

The man just redid the lighting in the room, removing a huge crystal chandelier from the center of the room.

By the way, in our opinion, such a chandelier looks absolutely tasteless in this room, what do you think?

Renovated room does not know it has become much darker wall decorated of a dark brick.

There were fancy paintings and stylish lamps.

Niche in the end, too, remained, but it was heavily modified, all-round illumination and was generally built into it was looking very beautiful.

Just pay attention to the lamp, it is very fashionable in recent option and find it is not easy, and the cost it will be very high, so if you have a desire to buy something like this, or to look for a suitable suit your style, then down after the article we will make a link to the store, and taking into account that now the season of sales in China, the discounts on almost all very high.

Balcony which was separated in the end was attached to the room, making the balcony on the remains of a table unit and work area.

A great place to work, because on the balcony and lighter and at the same time seen the TV and so on.

In general, the man made a very beautiful and stylish repair, truly flat looked like a bachelor apartment.

It is clear that deciding to repair, the man simply wanted to take themselves and get rid of the thoughts and the past, and as a whole from a past life, we We agree that it is not the cheapest way, and judging by the fact that the apartment turned almost black and gloomy, the mood is clearly better not It was.

But on the other hand, still it looks organic as a whole.

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