Flushing cisterns for toilets and their varieties

Cistern is the main attribute of any washroom. Today, they are constructed taking into account the optimization of space, combining practicality, functionality, attractiveness and quality materials.

In relation to the toilet tank can be installed in three ways: high above the toilet, close to polotku. This method is most commonly found in older homes.

To connect to a toilet bowl with an additional tube is used. The advantage of this installation method is that, rushing down from a great height, the water washes away everything in its path.

In another embodiment, the cistern is located on the toilet and connects to it a short rubber sleeve. This method allows you to replace the tank without removing utitaza.

If you decide to carry out major repairs, it is better to use the latter method of installation with built-in or zastennym tank. Such tanks are discharged from a durable polyethylene, which is shaped like a canister with mounting lugs and holes under the pipe. All this is hidden behind false wall and the outside can only button to drain the water.

Repair the tank is made through an opening in the wall, designed under the button.

In addition to the mounting methods tanks differ on the specifics of the descent. It may be the top or bottom. The tank with the upper head descent is located in the middle of the cover, for her need to pull up or press the button.

For high cisterns applied side shutter mechanism, when the side chain is bound. Both alternatives work both in manual or automatic mode. Last pours from the reservoir all the water. However, sometimes there are two drain buttons that allow you to save water.

Tanks are manufactured from different materials: cast iron, plastic and earthenware. You can find tanks, is a true work of art, the creation of talented designers.

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