A man in his garage dug a huge pit and furnished it. Photos Before / After.

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The man decided to modernize your garage and make it a pit bench.

It is very useful, especially if the normal lift, and there is no place other than the place also money, because this is a very serious and expensive equipment.

So, to make a hole in the garage, it was necessary to pre-prepare the pit. Since the work already carried out within the garage built and had digging soil and make manually without operating the art.

After the pit was ready, the man did not have a high formwork and began to knit reinforcement to stove, which was planned to pour concrete was reinforced and not crumbled, and certainly not He bursts.

And then the fun began, pouring the foundation works of men together, while doing so far from the top solution at the bottom portion of the previous leveled mortar.

After the slab was poured, and gave her time to dry and gain strength, began to descend into the pit of brick wall and slowly spread.

The thickness of the walls of specially selected large - a half brick, though the bricks were used, though used, but still full-bodied, the walls would be used not only as a protection against gryazi- but also as a gauge for car wheels, so that the specially made wider and reliable.

Row upon row of the man himself lecturing partitions and walls inside the pit.

At the end of work, that's got such a powerful structure which in addition to the hole for plumbing work, and decided to make a small cellar, rather as a nest egg for drinks.

Source with photo: https://vk.com/photo-134304555_457283168?api_access_key=e8c4f20f28e7ae1ac4

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