How to fool Google and change your location?

Hello friends! Almost everyone knows about the surveillance of large corporations. I have written a lot about this myself. But how do you change your location? I will talk about this below.

How to fool Google and change your location?

Why is this needed?

First of all, for your own safety. To make sure that any leak of data does not recognize your address, the address of your work, and so on. This is especially beneficial for scammers who, in conversation and blackmail, can use this data against you.

How to do it?

The guide is pretty simple and anyone can do it. The difficulty may arise in the settings, since everyone has different menus. But I hope you manage.

  • We go to the settings and another item about the phone. We find it and click many times on the Android version. This will enable developer mode.
  • After that, download the application called Mock GPS with joystick (or any other that provides mock locations)
  • Next, go to a new settings item called Developer Mode and look for a setting there called "Location Simulation" or something similar.
  • There we turn on this setting or connect the installed application. Again, this differs from phone to phone.

After that, you can control your location through the program settings. You can specify at least London, while being in the village of Gray Tops. I hope that the article was useful to you. Thank you for your attention!

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