2.5" SSD KingSpec 1 TB - reliable workaholic cheaper than 5 thousand rubles

Hello friends! The most important component of modern computers is SSD. But they cost quite a lot of money. Especially m2 format. But there is a way out.

2.5" SSD KingSpec 1 TB - reliable workaholic cheaper than 5 thousand rubles

You can find many articles where they will tell you that you can’t buy SSDs from non-famous brands, and even better take only Samsung EVO, that they work for 1 day, the speed is low and a lot of other information from "specialists".

But money is money. And if a user, of which the majority, uses a computer for a browser, watching movies and easy office work, I wanted to speed up my computer a little, then such cheap SSDs are a great solution, and now why.

  • Price. For example, the hero of the article costs only 4.5 thousand rubles. On the same OZON, the cheapest terabytes will cost 1-2 thousand more. The same is true for other volumes.
  • Speed. You can find negative comments in the style - yes, good HDDs already work faster. This is deceit. Yes, this is not m2 with thousandths of speed. But here is a screenshot of the test from the comments on Ali. There are thousands of them.

Some have less speed, some more. But it's much faster than a regular HDD.

  • Popularity. Because of its characteristics and democratic price, it is bought by the thousands. On the product page, you can find thousands of comments with tests, screenshots and reviews. Many disks work for several years and feel great.

Where to get?

I give a link to the official store. Don't forget to specify the volume you need. If you do not need 1 TB of memory, then feel free to take 512 or even 256 GB.

🔥 Order on Aliexpress from 4 400 rubles - Look

The end result is a great SSD with a good reputation that brings an old laptop or PC back to life with its performance. And it’s not a shame to put such a disk on a budget modern computer.

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