The top 12 GB RTX 3060 video card is a Chinese vendor cheaper than 30 thousand rubles

Hello friends! Prices for video cards still leave much to be desired. Many under my PC assemblies wrote that they assemble computers from Chinese components and everything works well for them. Therefore, I decided to tell you about the Chinese RTX 3060, which is 1.5 times cheaper than analogues from famous brands.

The top 12 GB RTX 3060 video card is a Chinese vendor cheaper than 30 thousand rubles

Personally, I need a video card not only for games, but also for work, so reliability comes first. Let's take a look at the specifications:

  • Memory bus: 128 Bit
  • Video memory type: GDDR6
  • Memory size: 12 GB
  • Power connector: 8pin
  • Connectors: 3DP and HDMI

I would most likely not decide to buy a Chinese video card, but numerous reviews from the owners can easily dissuade even this. Let's take a look at the obvious benefits.

  • Price. At the moment, the cheapest RTX 3060 graphics card on Ozon costs 45 thousand rubles. Yes, this is an ASUS graphics card, reliable and 3 years warranty. But if the budget is tight, then 15 thousand is quite a lot of money.
  • Performance. For 30 thousand, you can look for used versions of older models, for example, RTX 2060 (they just cost an average of 25-30 thousand). But they also do not have a guarantee, and in terms of power it loses a lot to 3-ke.

The difference is not so huge, but it is there and still not small.

  • Reliability. The manufacturer writes that there is a 2-year warranty and a free return with full compensation. Judging by the reviews, this is true. There are also reviews about defective versions, but both ASUS and Gigabyte have them.

Where to get?

I will give a link to the official store. Take the coupon on the product page to get a discount of 200 rubles. A trifle, but nice.

🔥 Order on Aliexpress from 29 578 rubles - Look

I would not recommend 100% buy, after all, it’s how lucky here, but a free return liberates a little. And if your budget on a PC is very limited, and you don’t want to buy a weak plug, then take a closer look at this video card.

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