Available colors of your apartment

We would like to acquaint you with the options of colors for your apartment or house.

Opposites attract: you can create ultra-modern style, using black and white range or something equally sophisticated but easier. A sharp contrast of black and white - an unmistakable combination for modern housing.

There are softer, "faded" a combination of gray and white and dark-gray shades that create the same sophisticated style, but a more relaxed atmosphere. With such contrasting two-tone palette you can make bright accents or mitigate the effect of using expensive fabrics for furniture upholstery.

However, with such a color scheme to appendices accessories should be treated according to the principle "less is better" so we put here the recommendation is to combine all the elements of the interior. Pay attention to practical advice on the walls and create a smooth finish, which is especially important for this palette.

What good black-and-white palette?

This palette is almost puritan simplicity, but by selecting it, you will be able to show individuality in the preparation of the color scheme for the room using bright colors and accessories. You will be able to create an environment in which clean lines and sculptural elements form a modern style. More traditional furniture and fabrics create a soft atmosphere of discreet luxury. This color scheme is not to cluttered rooms - you have to ruthlessly deal with the disorder and carefully choose the finish for walls and floors.

choice of style

Forget what you have been taught - there's nothing better than a simple black-and-white palette. Even at the very end of the spectrum you will find a dark ink color, soft steel tones and rich shades of dark gray. White has many more shades, from blue-white to pale chalk and ivory.

Selection of the right pair of shades is of great importance, therefore, decide to start with the impression that you go to create. Here are the main styles of decoration in black and white.

Modern urban. This slim and sleek style that combines glossy black and bright white color. White usually is the main color used for the walls and floors, and black furniture and is presented in detail. It is suitable for the living room with open-plan kitchens and stylish, which will bring in originality and depth of materials such as granite and chrome.

East style. Black-and-white gamma - a basis for many variants of oriental style, and here the effect will be more natural, if you use the spotted bamboo and carved dark wood combined with rattan and bronze. Accent color usually becomes red, and on the furniture present delicate woven or printed patterns.

Melting effect. To create a softer version of the black and white palette, use chalk and gray-white shades combined with matt black and dark gray colors. This style is the same sophisticated, but without sharp contrasts. Here, it is easier to add conventional elements such as a carpet or a patterned fabric. Expensive matter, such as wool and linen, bring comfort to living room and bedroom, while the bathroom granite and chrome can create an atmosphere at moderate luxury.

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