Who needs a tube radio for... 250 thousand rubles!

Sometimes you don’t even know what to be more surprised at: a wonderful product or the seller’s endless appetite. Often I had to see advertisements for the sale of lamp masterpieces from the leading European manufacturers of the past, but the prices there were quite adequate.

Today I'm scrolling through the news on the Internet, and the restless advertising banners are trying to tempt me to lighten my wallet. Another banner attracted me not even with a photo, but with the price of the goods: 250 thousand rubles! I was touched by such a high assessment of my purchasing power. I even wanted to casually take a checkbook out of my coat pocket and write out a check for this petty sum.

Who needs a tube radio for... 250 thousand rubles!

Very expressive photos slightly overshadowed by the product description

Who needs a tube radio for... 250 thousand rubles!

Did you understand anything? That's what I didn't understand. It feels like I'm reading a product description on Ali Express. Well, the Chinese write there, using electronic translation, they are forgivable.

Meanwhile, the history of this radio is very interesting. In the 20s of the last century, a radio boom began all over the world: the first broadcasting stations appeared, and the first radio receivers were on sale. Like mushrooms after the rain, workshops and factories for the production of radios began to appear. Italy has not been left out. In 1929, the engineering corporation

Magneti Marelli creates a subsidiary company for the production of radio components and finished radio receivers. The company receives a consonant name: RADIOMARELLI

The first products were produced under license from American firms and on American lamps.

Gradually, the company managed to educate its specialists. First of all, they abandoned the boring classic designs of overseas radios. In 1935, the production of an amazing model begins. Faltusa Sopramobile 41, where the acoustic fabric covering the speaker is also the tuning scale of the radio receiver.

The company has repeatedly surprised customers with extraordinary technical solutions and unusual design.

The model of the radio set for sale is quite trivial - 9A26. This radio was released in 1945.

In terms of electrical parameters, the receiver can be classified as "average". I even found a diagram on the internet.

I can’t say what caused such a high price for a rarity. For comparison, I looked at the Italian ebay.

As you can see, there are no space prices for this model. It remains to be hoped that people with extra 250 thousand in their pockets have not yet died out in Russia.

More detailed article about the radio receiver RADIOMARELLI with speaking scale: Faltusa Sopramobile 41

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