Man using foam to insulate a loggia with their hands. Photos Before / After.

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A man in his lodge decided to make repairs, the work was forced to and associated with too poorly insulated loggia which is why in the living room is constantly drafts and in general cold.

The man started to work and mounted on a wall under a glazed shuttering of wood, but there is one thing, he did not use insulation, and for a snug fit mounting foam used, which accurately fill the space between the wooden beam.

Once the foam has dried, all unnecessary and bulging beyond simply cut timber, as this would prevent further finishing.

The rest of the walls still finished with insulation panels, foam bay only joints and junctions.

This was followed by another and a layer of drywall, use moisture-resistant, since the loggia is still often the condensate and in general is better to err, because the price difference is not that big.

Next plasterboard plastered and given how to dry before finishing.

Made with decorative plaster, not have to glue wallpaper, as they are already fed up with This decorative plaster is very convenient to use the material as a whole and looks very stylish.

After completion of all work on the floor laid laminate flooring, dark brown, with one of the edges of the room to establish an open closet with lots of shelves, where you can remove a lot of boxes and some other trifles, which are often used very rarely.

As a result, the repair was very stylish and warm room, where you can store a lot of things, and in general will be pleased.

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