Facade spetsemal: a godsend for the appearance of the facade of the building

facade spetsemal It is a mixture of a binder, pigments and various additives and fillers.

During the construction and erection of buildings large enough role exterior facade, in connection with what has recently appeared quite a large number of a variety of materials for its decoration, from the front of enamels and paints for finishing work on different materials: metal, wood, concrete, plaster and plastic.

Features front spetsemaley

Facade enamel are divided into several categories, one of which is a silicate. It comprises a silicate glass, and various organic additives. Coatings of this type perfectly breathable, but they have one drawback: they can not repel water.

By adding the silicate paints, which are based on acrylic, you can get the high level of bonding to the substrate. Such materials are easily transferred to mechanical impact and air is passed perfectly.

Latex compositions are characterized by high moisture repellent characteristics and be quite good elasticity and strength. They include the role played by the solvent water, in connection with which the material for the facades boasts high environmental performance.

After complete drying of such a surface is not afraid of weathering, in addition, it is good air permeability. Latex, they are also acrylic paints do not have a sharp odor and can last more than 10 years.

But silikonoemulsionnye compositions combine the advantages of all these compounds. For their use dilution water, and therefore the material has a high vapor permeability and elasticity.

After drying a thin film coating that protects against exposure to harmful microorganisms and moisture penetration beneath the coating. The paint can be applied to any surface.

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