A couple on their balcony a bed lawn, this is no joke. Photos Before / After.

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The couple decided to make your balcony a cozy and cheerful, for they have chosen, on the one hand a budget way to the other got a very fun and interesting.

No work on warming the room has not been, on the balcony and stay cool and rest on it comfortably will be possible only in the warmer months.

Considering that in our climate, most often on the street gray tones or white, absolutely not enough bright colors, based on this logic the young people We decided to transform its own balcony and make it a corner being where the mood has improved and it was possible both to diversify around landscape.

This is not a complex repair of the power of any man would desire and fantasy. After reading an article about the end, share your opinion with respect to such repairs, it was worth it at all to do, or a waste of money.

Before starting work, the young man painted the walls white and put on the floor the simple softwood substrate, such as is used in the laying of laminate.

Many now say that in the beginning it was necessary to properly insulate the floors at least, for unfortunately finances were very limited and it was decided to make a light make-up, no insulation and etc.

For decorative guys bought the carpet to simulate grass. Bold decision, the more place it even on a vertical wall.

Of course this is not a natural lawn, given that now sell lawn grass in rolls, but to lay it on the balcony no one would, but to find a carpet that will look at one another like a real thick grass, it is quite really.

As you can see, it turned out very cheerful space, thus able to make their own vibrant area and if there is no bright colors outside the window, that is, your lawn on the balcony.

As a result of this work was very cheerful design, in addition to everything thrown to the floor seat-violet bag, and a small coffee table on which to put the mugs and other snacks, while relaxing on balcony.

Many people may express the opinion that the vertical wall is nothing done in this style, but on the other hand, if the material was posted only on the floor, the unusual effect would simply not have happened, and he quickly pritopchetsya on the floor, and then, a lot of greenery and it OK.

In any case, the work made very carefully, although they can not be called complex.

Source with photo: https://vk.com/photo-155956861_457287736?api_access_key=7d124dedf97178f3dd

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