Liquid linoleum or a modern self-leveling floor

Increasingly, floor arrangement using a material such as liquid linoleumAka - self-leveling floor.

This material looks a lot like the familiar and habitual PVC linoleum, but feels more like a ceramic tile - the surface has no seams and gaps.

Depending on the composition of all the self-leveling floors are divided into several categories: cement, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate. In a residential area mainly use polyurethane floors, but the other three species are mainly used for decorating floors in technical areas.

The distinguishing characteristics of this material is the strength, long life, wear resistance, heat resistance, ease and safety for human health.

Besides the above advantages, a number of advantages can be attributed and fire, dust-free, attractive appearance and seamlessness.

As a rule, seamless self-leveling floors are used mainly in those areas where a floor covering must meet certain requirements. With such a material can provide the coating resistance to chemicals and a high level of humidity.

This type of self-leveling floor is mainly used in office facilities, television studios, hospitals and other industrial and technology areas.

Before you mount the floors, covering first of all prepared. To do this, you must carefully align the surface, to hide all the cracks and crevices, spend a good waterproofing and produce primer base.

Properly primed substrate must not in any way absorb moisture, otherwise, bubbles appear at the surface, which then will be very difficult to remove.

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