The couple themselves have combined toilet and bathroom, the cat is happy. Photos Before / After.

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Let's say right away thanks to the portal for the photo material, and now begin to discuss what could make for couples with its own bathroom and toilet.

Until repairs in the apartment toilet and bathroom were separate, but their condition was not the best, in bathroom walls were covered with simple panels, which in this case has not yet been well-secured and in some places fall off.

In the bathroom it was even more fun on the walls is very strange wallpaper brown color, it looks very dark, dingy and dark brown with the likes of divorce, is clearly not the best solution for toilet.

Technical portal which usually decorate doors made under very rough and a single door is closed.

Naturally such as the repair is not mine, it will still seem very dirty. Such a state had to be changed and at the same time as soon as possible.

For this task took the man, determined to make repairs on their hands.

In order to increase the space in the room, we decided to demolish the wall between bathroom and toilet, to unify the room.

After repairs the room was very light on the wall of glossy white tiles on the floor, too bright, but with a high-contrast pattern, this solution recently is a very popular and fashionable.

It is clear that the bathroom has become not much more than, but still became freer, lighter and more fun as it is to be in a bathroom.

In the same tiles on the floor and laid out a rack of drywall, behind which hid all communications.

And most importantly, for all the repair closely observe the family's favorite cat, which was quite similar transformation.

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