As a "cut down" the log bath

In order to "Cut down" the log bath, You need specific skills and possession of sufficient experience. Otherwise, the result in conjunction with the accompanying cost and effort is unlikely to be adequate to the initial expectations.

Therefore, if you want to build it is a wooden bath, then the best option would be to use as a base material of the wooden beams.

The first stage of realization of any ideas in the real structure is the construction of the foundation. For baths of timber, A massive foundation is not required, so you can limit the fill tape options. At planned site using stakes and strings to mark up and dig a shallow pit.

Using the prepared boards or plywood panels, assemble the formwork, and with the expectation that the foundation was poured, above ground level and do the leveling posypku fine gravel.

When filling of the foundation, to impart additional strength, it is possible to use steel rebar. Since concreting, foundation load without reserve for a month, for a set of optimum strength. During this time, you can work on the organization of the system of sewage and prepare the timber.

Before laying the timber, on the foundation of the horizontal level is the plinth of 3-5 rows of red brick. Waterproofing is ensured laying of roofing material on the band structure of the perimeter.

Timber must be calibrated and treated with a special impregnation for the purpose of fire safety and protection from harmful fungus and wood eaters. Only need to use a brush, and in any case, roller or spray gun, for efficient impregnation liquid flow and profitability.

The end of the beam are cut step, for a better grip on the length of the adjacent walls and corners.

Bonding bars can be in the old - staples or stitching adjacent spacer dowels, and every three rows of reinforcing pins through pre-drilled holes of smaller diameter.

After shrinkage, cracks appeared in the aisle tow caulk or foam mounting, but it is better just to lay a special sealer, sold in any supermarket building individual rolls. Door and window openings are cut after the availability of the walls using a chainsaw.

Interior partitions, in order to ensure fire safety and heat inertia, it is better to build from red brick. Bath is almost ready. You can proceed to the construction of the roof, floor and ceiling unit, their insulation and decoration.

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