Three men in the home for the summer to build a house. Photos Before / After.

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Three men: a son, father and father in law decided in the summer to build his house three forces on the existing the site.

The money was only for materials, and to improve their living conditions like very much, so it was decided to build in spite of the coming difficulties.

Construction began with the foundation, it did not, and without deep technical floor, cast belt width of 40 centimeters.

After the foundation of properly dried out, the men began to lay out the wall, first the first three rows of bricks laid, but then proceeded to lay out the walls of aerocrete.
It should be noted that this material is very comfortable, light units and are large enough so that the process goes very fast.

The house itself is built of small size, and the second floor was planned to make not a full floor and attic.
so that immediately we started to make part of the roof.

Making rafters of the men laid all the necessary hydro and steam insulating layers, and began immediately to lay roofing material, has the task of how to completely close the outer loop as soon as possible.

Make it succeeded very quickly, it is good that more weather permits.

After finishing with the roof, installed windows and the front door and took up the insulation of external walls.
Since it is known that at least out of the blocks and quickly build, but they keep the heat very poorly and external insulation is necessary.
To this end, attached to the walls with special guides and began installing insulating mats.

Inside the house, too, did the minimum trim, walls just plastered and yet left in this state.

To close the heater took a simple beige siding and sheathed them all the house, after that the house began to look quite different.
On this we can say the main works have been completed, further work began on the installation of electrical, plumbing and heating, and only after that the final finish, but this will be done later.

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