Features of the thermostat of choice for floor heating

The technology of modern underfloor heating became popular as soon as possible, since it makes housing more comfortable during the cold season.

To be able to easily control the temperature of the floor and adjust it to fit your requirements, and control power consumption to be connected to the system "warm floor" thermostat.

choice of thermostat

This business responsible. Selected thermostat must meet the power installed underfloor heating, as well as meet other requirements of the buyer. It is important when buying pay attention to the complete set of the thermostat. If the kit does not include all the necessary components, they will have to pay separately.

varieties thermostats

Thermostat floorings in water temperature control through the actuator, which is a kind of motor, located in the valve manifold. In the case of electric floors thermostat is set between the turns of cables in a concrete screed. It is placed in a pre-corrugated tube.

Sales can be found thermostats for measuring the temperature of the floor, and to measure the air temperature in the room. Origin warrant selected in those cases where a warm floor is only an auxiliary heating element. The second option is used, the floor heating system is the main heating element.

Mechanics or electronics

All thermostats are divided into:

electrical; mechanical.

Here, each buyer can decide which option to use a thermostat. The best solution is a modern electronic temperature controller, complete with radio control functions and programming, but the cost of it will be several times higher than that of a simple mechanical device.

Connecting to an electric floor

When you install the thermostat with electric underfloor heating, it can be connected via terminal boxes or directly to the heating cable. The temperature sensor is placed in a corrugated tube. His findings and conclusions of the heating cable is mounted in a place where it will be installed thermostat. The cable and sensor are covered by a concrete and screed flooring.

Connecting to the water floor

In this case, the thermostats are installed on the distribution manifold. Temperature control can be carried out through electronic programming unit in the case of using an electronic controller servo or thermostatic head by rotating the collector node in the case of thermomechanical regulator.

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