How to apply a texture paint correctly

Today so many people are increasingly cover the walls of various types of paint enamels.

Thanks to paints, can be very nice to embellish the ceilings, walls variety of original drawings. The most common way to finish today - is the use of texture paints.

The date of commencement, should clean the walls themselves from any contamination, if any. Then a scraper to remove the remnants of previous coatings. In short, the wall must be clean.

Then the next step will be to work with putty. It should be sealed irregularities that exist on the surface. And leave to dry for a day.

After 24 hours, you can begin to treat the wall primer and let it dry. This is done in order to paint a good bond with the surface. Also, it helps that used in the future it is not cracked or did not start to fall away.

Well, now you can apply paint. But before you do that, we first need to check the paint on any solid material. This is done in order to determine what color is chosen correctly.

Then we should take, eg any stick and mix well. This is done, first of all, to texturing additives that are in it, down to the very bottom. If this is not done, when we nanositf paint on the surface, the coating can, in some places a different color.

It was convenient to apply paint, we may need to ditch. Here it will be necessary to pour the right amount of paint that will be required to start painting. If the paint got very thick, it can be diluted. Many such cases, water is used.

Apply the paint roller is better, not a brush, so convenient and fast. It can be purchased at any store where paint, their choice is very large.

Large, rough textured paint would look good on large areas. But for the processing, for example, bath or just a small space, it is quite suitable roller with fine smooth texture.

The paint should be applied in such a way that it would cover the walls of one sunset. No need to take a break between the painting, one stroke better than to paint the entire wall. After all, these colors very quickly plasticized.

Sometimes it is necessary to wash the roller with water. But only do it out of necessity. You do not need to do this every time after applying a coat of paint.

When the walls are completely processed red, they must be given time to dry. Basically paint dries in 6 hours, but is at a temperature of not lower than 20 degrees. But the complete drying can be expected within 24 hours.

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