How to make a balcony loggia

Apartment balconies in urban areas are essentially useless improvement, does not protect against noise, rain, dust in the summer and from the cold, the snow drifts in the winter. But with more refinement, it is quite possible to turn into a comfortable and convenient place to rest and storage of useful stuff.

To convert a room in the balcony loggia, it is necessary to revise and replace or reinforce metal fence and the support plate if necessary. And the best option would be seeking advice and assistance to the appropriate services. Then you can proceed to the planning and calculation of the necessary building materials.

For the construction of the side walls and a new parapet, you can use the foam block. Labeled material in comparison to bricks, along with fire resistance and a low thermal conductivity, has low weight, which provides minimal additional load on the floor slab. For these purposes allowed masonry of lightweight ceramic brick which does not require an outer protective cladding.

Now ready room can glaze.

Glazing profiles are suitable as wood and plastic. Only wooden structures should be treated with antiseptic and protect the double layer of paint or varnish. The best option, which guarantees reliable protection from dust, moisture, cold and noise with the three chamber embodiment will preview the glazing.

Before finishing of all surfaces must be made waterproof using the special protective film.

Insulation must be chosen based on the selected option of finishing. For a tile floor, for example, suitable penoplex differing besides insulating properties, strength and moisture resistance. For wall paneling or paneling you can use mineral wool.

Here, along with taste and capabilities, it is important to combine a reasonable need. For example, polystyrene, with lower cost and consumer characteristics is a favorite mice habitat.

Good support can be use izofola. In addition to good thermal insulation, this material does not require an additional vapor barrier.

It is important to note that the attachment of finishing materials used for the cladding of a room, you need to perform, taking into account the technological requirements of manufacturers.

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