The most common ways to bend the pipe

Almost all pipe communication in the home, whether it's heating or electricity, can not be mounted without the need for bending pipes. Professional builders do not feel this is absolutely no difficulties, but for the average person this may seem like a daunting task.

Bend the pipe is not really difficult, more difficult to do this and not to damage the (flatten). Indeed, as a result of its internal diameter must not be reduced, its bandwidth should not deteriorate.

Bend pipe by heating

Precision tubes can be bent hands, resting it in the place to fold into something solid. If the pipe wall rather thick, you can not do without heating it. Not necessary to heat the entire tube, but only a place intended fold. This can be done using a conventional gas burner.

Once in place the heating pipe begins to deviate scale, you can start to work. To determine the desired level of heating pipes of different metals can be the same in different ways. For aluminum tube is necessary to bring the paper, and if it lights up - it means, the pipe is hot enough. The degree of heating of the steel pipe is determined by how it starts to become bright red.

Bend pipe with a bending tool

If the pipe can not be heated, and the bend is necessary, as in the case of galvanized pipe, you can use a tube bender. It can be of several kinds:

  • manual;
  • hydraulic;
  • electric.

With tube bender can bend the pipe and give it a wide variety of forms. To do this, long end pipe laying under the clamp bench. Oiled machine oil should be a place of bending, it is necessary to bend the short end of the pipe.

With the tube bender-crossbow can bend pipe prodavlivaya fold it in place. It can be used to modify the metal pipes and tubes from non-ferrous metals. You can also use the automatic benders. It suffices to attach a pipe, after setting the desired angle, and make the handle.

Bend pipe via a plane-parallel plate

It is also possible to bend pipes using a plane-parallel plate. The pipe is embedded in a groove and clamped clamp. Since the pipe bend by means of the groove, this method is suitable only for small diameter pipes (up to 40 mm).

Bend pipe via the metal plate

It is possible to bend the tube and with a metal plate in which holes are arranged identical diameter. In these holes are inserted the pins, when the displacement tube which can bend radius required. Best of all, this method is suitable for long tubes because short pipe would require too much physical effort.

For what would be the pipe is flattened in place the necessary fold, it can be filled with sand. Embedded ends of the pipe will not allow the sand to get enough sleep during the operation. Thereafter, the tube clamp in a vise. Place the desired fold should be at a maximum distance from the clutches of lips. Heating pipe can be bent without being afraid that it is flattened.

Another way to protect the pipe from collapsing - using strong spring. For this purpose it is placed inside the tube and begin to bend the latter. After the tube was bent, the wire pull spring, which spring primatyvayut before immersion tube.

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