How to insulate a brick wall

Brick - a strong and durable material, it possesses an excellent indicator of strength, but inferior to other construction materials in terms of thermal insulation.

How to insulate a brick wall

To create a temperature in the room about -30 degrees, the wall should have a thickness of not less than three meters, which, of course, for economic reasons, it is simply impossible. That is why the wall should be warm. It is possible to perform internal or external insulation.

Due to the insulation of walls, it can be good save on costs on warming homes. Due to constant environment temperature change walls can be deformed, so it is necessary to carry out preventive repairs. Increase sound insulation, extend the service life of bearing structures.

What types of insulation are?

There are three types of insulation: external, internal and thermal insulation using polystyrene plaster. The most optimal is the external insulation. This type does not allow the walls of mist, even with sudden temperature changes.

What material to use for insulation?

Excellent material for thermal insulation of a brick wall is a mineral wool. It is produced from industrial waste in the processing of metals and silicate minerals. In this wool is an environmentally friendly material which has excellent thermal insulation properties.

Another good insulating material is rock wool - laynrok. This material makes it possible to save about 50% of the energy is spent on heating homes. When the rock wool insulation using special mineral wool, which are fastened by means of steel reinforcement, or ligaments.

In recent years, the popularity gained polystyrene. This material is ideal for thermal insulation not only walls, but also the basement and basement.

Polystyrene is not afraid of water, but it has a heater, there is one significant drawback - the high cost.

How to mount the heater on the surface of the brick?

For proper installation of mineral or penopolisterolovyh plates need to observe a single sequence of actions: using special adhesive plaster is pasted on the wall insulation, then another layer of the mixture, it will perform a protective function. Next install fiberglass for reinforcement. Now the entire surface can be primed and last layer applied. It performs not only a decorative function, as well protects the surface of the negative environmental impact of the system. If you want to save, then you can not apply the final finish coat, and handle all the white cement and wall paint in the desired color.

How to warm inside the room?

Insulate the room from the inside is possible only after a competent external insulation. First we need to pave the waterproofing. Then install the insulation. On top of a heater and install a vapor barrier in the final stage fasten drywall.

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