How to sheathe the front metal door itself

The front door - the card of an apartment or office. That it is the first determining factor in the success and status of the owner. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful was not originally the front door, over time it loses its luster and needs to be repaired.

The best way out of the situation in this case - to update its upholstery. This can be done independently, observing certain rules and an algorithm for the job.

Advance preparation for work
Before proceeding to close the upholstery front door, there should be little preparation:
determine the scope of work; select a suitable upholstery material and filler; check that all the necessary tools.

First step: clearly mark the scope of work. This will help to assess the financial and time costs. The upholstery can be made both on the outside and the inside of the door. All depends entirely on your personal preferences and taste preferences.

Next, check whether there is at hand required for the successful completion of business tools. This is not only a hammer and nails for furniture with secret hats, but also decorative string that will allow the upholstery to keep the desired shape, and copper wire. Do not forget about fixing adhesive.

You may proceed to the selection of a suitable material. The most popular purchase is today considered the leather, which not only looks good, but a superb durability. Good will and analogue oilcloth fabric with cloth backing.

Also be sure to think through what filler to be used for soundproofing. Among these materials, it is recommended to choose the foam or batting. In an extreme case, we can restrict crumpled newsprint.

Execution of the door trim
Once the preparatory phase is over and all the necessary tools and materials are collected, should move to the right upholstery. To this end, the front door removed from its hinges and placed on a flat, horizontal surface (table, compiled with stools, chairs). Unscrewed all the extra details: decor, pens, and other prominent detail. Then, the operation begins with the selected material.

Oilcloth material or leather is cut in accordance with predetermined parameters door. Considering the allowance of 5-10 cm, the base web is cut. Executed slot eye, lock and handle. Of the remaining material to be cut three equal strips and form rollers leatherette. They made as follows.

Strip one after the other glued to the door by a fixing adhesive. They are laid with a thin layer foam or batting, and then rolled straw upholstery. The roller is fixed so that the door may subsequently be easily closed.

Fixing rollers, it is necessary to lay out the door space layer of batting or foam rubber. Further, around the perimeter, located leatherette fabric. Tucked topsheet and hiding errors produced gluing seams. And with the help of strings and decorative studs on the door fulfilled shaped pattern, which not only looks stylish, but also keeps the internal insulation from slipping.

When the process of decorating the front door is over, return to the place of the previously removed parts: locks, handles and peephole. The door is installed in a doorway, adjusted and regulated if necessary. Boarding, metal door over.

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