How to make a wooden barrel with his hands

Any plastic receptacle can not be compared with wood. Barrel wood-date in our time. It is not rooted in the past, but rather gaining popularity among real connoisseurs of natural materials. Very tasty pickled vegetables obtained only when their salting takes place in oak barrels.

This capacity can be made at home with their own hands. this timber is suitable for its production:

oak; Linden; sycamore; aspen; poplar; alder.

For pickling and salting make better use of oak, and to store honey is perfect barrel of lime.

Preparing the riveting

Production of wooden barrels begins with riveting. From an old tree taken the lowest part of the trunk. It is necessary to split the chock (which should be longer riveting five centimeters) in equal parts on dimensions 5-10 2.3-3 cm.

These pieces are dried in a room where there is good ventilation. This procedure lasts more than a month. Ready-to-use cuttings treat plane. Start work necessary on the outer side riveting smoothly moving laterally. After all treat jointers.

The next step is the internal processing riveting. Excess remove a plane or an ax. The width of one another by riveting may be slightly different - it's not scary.

We make hoops

Best for metal hoops - is steel. Take the hot-rolled steel strip, whose thickness should be 1.5-2 mm, and a width of 30-55 mm. We measure a barrel on the places where there will be a hoop in the future. Between them should be a distance of two hoops.

With hammer must be given tape annular shape. Making at its end a drill hole. According to the location on the barrel train-divided into:

onion (center); neck (intermediate); TESDA (edge).

Assembling the barrel

The assembly is carried out on a flat surface with staples. To one of the hoops you need to attach the two staves so that they "looked" at each other. Subsequent work is to stick closely to the riveting riveting from start to finish on the ring of steel tape.

It is necessary to put on a second hoop at a distance from TESDA to 2-3mm, but first we need to clean up the hammer ends of the core. After installation of the second frame and cut the tape we clean the upper ends of the staves. And so it went on until the very end. Tie wraps done without the help of steaming or provarkoy core.

Preparation of the seabed and its installation

First, you need to collect the bottom panel. Clover should be on the sides and pristroganny prifugovanny, and then fastening it with nails. To measure the radius of the bottom. Scrollsaw it from a tree with a margin of one or half a millimeter.

The weakened hoop insert bottom. It needs to rap with a hammer until it stops. If the bottom of the log tight then you need to loosen the hoop, and then tighten if loose.

Pour into a barrel of water to check whether cracks. If liquid digs between staves then you need to pare the bottom to reduce its size. If it is flowing strongly then it is necessary to disassemble the barrel and reduce one riveting.

Again we check for cracks in the same manner. In the absence of leak inserted into another hole in the bottom with 30-32 millimeters. At this point we set the cap. Barrel ready.

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