How to assemble the door frame and the door fit

The house can be considered built, when it is not simply elevated, and when filled openings: windows - windows and doors - doors.

In this article you will learn how to put on their own doors. How to assemble the door frame and adjust the door.

house door at the same time perform at least two functions. They reliably protect the entrance to the house and decorate it.
To perform both functions door should be well adapted to the place, that is, she should not have any cracks or imperfections.
Works on installation of doors can be made and by the owner of the house.

door installation begins with the installation of the door frame. On sale are already collected the box, but often they are sold in disassembled form.

If the door is on sale in the collection: the box is assembled, adjusted to places of hinges and the door is already hitched, it remains to remove the door from its hinges and set the box. Then hang the door back on hinges.
When the box is assembled, it will need to build. You just need the appropriate tool and the free flat space.

To assemble the required long nails (90 mm) or screws. The box consists of the boards. To while the bars are not cracked, their attachment points in a pre-drilled drill with a diameter smaller than that of the fastening parts (nails). When fastened with screws, fastening places further treated with PVA glue.

When assembling the box should be noted that between the frame and the door leaf must be maintained a distance of 4 mm.

Door hinges
Door hinges are mounted at a distance of two hundred millimeters from the upper and lower edge of the door leaf. These works are carried out carefully and without haste. From the installation of loops depends on the functionality of the door.

After installation location marked loops should be cut to their nests.
As a rule, it is enough two loops. But for the massive doors have to do a lot of loops: up to three and sometimes up to four pieces.

What is the spacer
When installing the door mounting foam used. It filled the void between an aperture and a door frame. Foam has expanded property. Due to this, the boards of the box may move. To avoid this, the box further reinforce the walls with anchor bolts. If the box is not at the door, at the time of installation, the install spacer. When the work is finished the spacer is removed.

How to trim the boards
It happens that the box is not included in the width of the doorway. Then it should be a little trim. The question is: which of the boards should be made thinner. In total, the two boards can be removed not more than 15 mm.
If both the bar have sufficient thickness, it is possible to reduce both of them. However, do not forget that the main burden falls on one of them, which is attached to the door. Since the second timber is experiencing less stress, the better it is to thin it. From this design does not suffer.

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