How to choose a good roof screws

Roof - one of the most important parts in the design of a private house. It not only acts as a structure of jewelry, but also protects the wearer from the elements.

Especially high-quality roofing has an impact on the state of the structure as a whole, and its durability depends on the structural elements such as fasteners. So today we'll show you how to choose a good roof screws.

When selecting the screw for fastening of the roof need to adhere to the main criterion - quality products. Solid hardware is able to increase the period of exploitation of the whole structure in a few times, as well as to avoid unnecessary costs to repair roof:

1. Be sure to pay attention to the marking presence in the screw. Typically, high-quality fasteners includes this marking. But the products of poor quality, as a rule, are not subject to labeling.

2. It is necessary to examine the special rubber gasket located on the washer subject. If the production quality is poor, the pad is easy to disconnect from the puck. Because washer is needed to ensure the tightness of the screw attachment area to the roof is easy to remove the gasket is likely to collapse within a couple of years because of leakage. Precipitation will fall under the product head, forming stains and rust.

3. Next, he should evaluate the material from which made the screw. Again, the fastening system for the qualitative taking carbon steel, pre-coated with a substance to protect from corrosion. The market offers a good self-tapping screws and stainless steel, but the price is twice the cost of carbon steel screw.

4. To directly check the quality of the screw, compress the washer using a pair of pliers. If the coating washers and gasket will stand the test, the product will serve you for a long time. But if the paint and rubber peeled off, it is better to abandon the purchase.

5. Special attention should be paid to the material goals - it is made of specific rubber resistant to atmospheric effects and also drops and temperature levels. Good tires perfectly resists chemical influences. Qualitatively configured screw able to last up to 50 years, because it can withstand thousands of variations.

6. If you decide on the quality of roofing screws very difficult to pay attention to the manufacturers that produce products (metal, etc.), along with proprietary screws. Go to the issue how closely as possible, as usually objects which were used in the construction of poor quality fastening system without fear.

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