How to get rid of the smell after repair

To tidy up or renew any interior, carrying out repair work. Renovated space becomes well-groomed and beautiful. But the repairs associated with such consequences as the smell, which is produced by building materials and paints.

Due to the progressive building technologies repairs done quickly and without too much difficulty. But paint and other materials made from chemicals that have a detrimental impact on human health.

What should be done to these odors have disappeared after the repair?

The most correct solution - is to prevent the smell originated. Before starting repairs need a responsible approach to the choice of paint or varnish, a close look at their structure. It is recommended to apply the paint on the latex-based. Such paints are not as strong as the smell of paint. Also repairs using natural, environmentally friendly building materials should be carried out.

Remedy smell

If the repair work is finished, and the smell was still strong, need to take the following measures:

  • Ventilation. This is one of the best ways to get rid of the smell. It is necessary to leave open doors and windows for a long time;
  • Destruction odor using water solutions of salts which help to kill odor after a couple of days;
  • Wet cleaning of the room. You will achieve the best results when vinegar essence dissolved in water. Then, such a solution must be thoroughly cleaned floors. To carry out such a procedure fairly 1 teaspoon essences;
  • Use of activated carbon which being excellent absorbent means capable of absorbing odors. Tablets need to be expanded in a room in a few places;
  • The use of mint leaves, which are placed in a container with cold water;
  • The increase in air humidity. This can be done by hanging the sheets soaked with water or other materials. After the water evaporates, and the sheet absorbs foreign odor, it will be discarded. Therefore, for these purposes, it is desirable to take unnecessary things;
  • The use of finished industrial means. Such aerosol zapahopogloschayuschie products are available in retail outlets;
  • Using containers with freshly ground coffee or coffee beans.

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