How to choose a carpet: the types and quality criteria

In winter, everyone wants comfort and warmth, but for most people in apartments and private homes have a problem such as a low temperature of the floor, causing a decrease in temperature in the room.

Such coverage as linoleum does not allow to freely roam around the house without slippers. Naturally, you can overcome this problem by buying a carpet or installing a special system "warm floor", but it is not cheap and not every family can afford it. In addition to buy a carpet that would completely cover the entire floor space and is ideally fit into the interior is very problematic. What to do? There is an exit! Cover your floor with carpet and you will find all comfort and harmony in your home.

carpeting a special material consisting of several balls. The first ball of this pile, which in turn consists of two layers of the primary that is the base and the secondary fixing which consists of a layer of the pile and latex.

carpeting There are several types, depending on the mode of production. In the manufacture of the carpet is used, or natural or synthetic yarn. The main materials for the production of carpeting is natural wool and various mixtures with wool level of not less than ten to fifteen percent. Price of carpet made of natural wool is naturally higher than that of synthetic materials, but life is much less. The main advantages is the great flexibility, good fire resistance and low moisture permeability. In order to easily identify the naturalness of carpet just enough to set fire to his thread. Thread wool will smolder unlike synthetic yarn which will be melted.

Carpet made of nylon

In a synthetic carpet are materials such as nylon, olefin, polyester and polyacryl course. The most common is a carpet made of nylon, because nylon carpet has several advantages over other types. Nylon carpet is much softer than other synthetic carpeting, he does not fade in the sun, and at arrangement of furniture its pile is not so much wrinkled as compared with olefin or polyester carpet. This carpet is very easy to use because you do not have to spend a lot of effort to care. The average lifetime of a nylon carpet kolebritsya from ten to fifteen years.

Carpets made of olefin

At the moment, the most common type of carpet is olefin. Its main advantage - is its price. The average lifetime of an olefin carpet is about six - seven years. Every day olefin Carpets come from the list of sought-after because of its poor quality.

Carpets made of terklona or Suprema

Innovation in the production of carpet is terklon and of course supra. These materials are a synthetic fiber made from polipropelena elapsed chemical treatment, heat treatment in order to increase the service life. This carpet is very soft and looks similar to the carpet made of wool. It is known three types of carpet manufacture:


-igloprobivnoj(At the time of production in the primary backing needles pierce fibers);


woven carpet

Woven carpet is one of the most expensive types of carpeting because of its manufacturing technique differs little from the carpet manufacturing. Appearance resembles mesh bases.

tufted carpet

During the manufacture of tufted carpet using a needle method is when the fibers are injected with a needle into the base and are fixed by means of glue. Tufted carpet has a number of advantages such as a variety of methods of execution, because the method of fastening the fibers pretty well suited for mounting petelok and ordinary cloth.

loop carpet

At the heart of the loop carpeting is fairly rigid foundation, but due petelok outer surface remains soft and supple. For the manufacture of such kovrilina use pre-dyed yarn that will help you create the perfect interior and style of your home. There are several types of loop carpeting such as single-level (simple) and multilevel (loops are different in length, making it possible to create a volume of drawings). The main disadvantage is the complicated multilevel carpet cleaning process.

pile carpet

This type of carpet has its subtypes:

short nap (Pile length is two to three millimeters);
-with a medium bristle (Pile length is three - five millimeters);
-with long pile (Pile length is more than five millimeters).

Pile carpet with long pile is best used for flooring in the bedroom, and the short-pile in corridors, living.

needle-punched carpet

This carpet is the most long-serving carpet. The secret of this carpet is to produce, on the basis as well as tufted carpeting attached fiber using needles, but the additional base is fixed on top of everything made of rubber. This carpet lint-free, on the outside it looks like felt. Basically, this carpet is used in public places. The main advantages of this excellent sound insulation and low price.

quality criteria

The quality of the carpet is always dependent on staining techniques. The best is a carpet yarn which is made of synthetic weight (color). Slightly inferior to the quality of a yarn that lend themselves to color. Finally the cheapest carpet It is the one carpet on which with the help of stencils stuffed finished drawing.

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