The possibility of a continuous footing calculator

This calculator is an indispensable tool for people who have decided to build a strip foundation with his own hands, and will also serve as a handy cheat sheet builders.

Hand calculations are unreliable and, unfortunately, no one is immune from mistakes. It does not count the correct formula is fraught with unnecessary costs.
Remember that the choice of foundation type, it is best to contact the experts.

What can tape calculator?
You can easily calculate the area of ​​the foundations, to prepare a list of materials, such as waterproofing.

Volume of concrete to fill.

How concrete is useful for laying the foundation? These figures need to know in advance.

Reinforcement. What is the amount of reinforcement needed for construction? What is its share?

Number of formwork. A very useful feature, and it will tell you the area and quantity.

You can find out the approximate cost of the project (excluding transport, consumables, construction works)

A detailed drawing of your project

Remember that the design and construction of the foundation should be approached with great responsibility, because it determines the durability and reliability of your home.

Small useful information about concrete:
1. After you have stopped the choice on what that particular foundation, probably in front of you was a question - what concrete better?

It consists directly of three substances:
Cement - a bunch of components, water, various fillers. Sand, fight, pebbles, gravel.

Quality is highly dependent on the quantitative content of fillers. They are used to reduce the cost of the foundation, as well as to reduce the stress on the concrete itself.

The most important indicator of concrete - its brand. It shows what kind of load it is able to sustain after the pour.
M300 B22 is one of the most common types of concrete. Most often used for pouring the foundation. Good value for money.

Still, the important characteristics of concrete is its mobility, water resistance and frost resistance.
Mobility designated by the letter "P". This flow rate and liquid mixture.

We must remember that even a large excess amount of water reduces the strength of the foundation.

Water resistance is designated by the letter "W". Values ​​in the range 1 to 12.
Frost resistance is designated by the letter "F". Number indicates the number of frost - defrosts that no consequences will survive the concrete.

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