What is a thermostat for floor heating

Systems of premises heating, underfloor heating based on electric energy, using mounted under the floor surface Heat radiating elements are becoming popular enough because of its relative ease of use and economy.

Such systems of electric heating property called "warm floor". To operate such a system is necessary to adjust the amount of electric power supplied to the radiating elements of floor heating.

Thermostat for floor heating is a device that shuts off power to the heating elements of the thermal signal a temperature sensor or several temperature sensors, depending on how the constructive executed thermostat.

The most common thermostats equipped with two temperature sensors, one of which is mounted directly on the floor of the room, and the second wall, for measuring the air temperature in the room. When the heating room sensor signals are fed to an amplifier and a comparator mounted within the regulator.

Sensor readings are formed and when the predetermined temperature value in a heated room, the supply of power to thermal elements is terminated. If the temperature decreases below the threshold value, the controller energizes the thermal elements. In this manner it is ensured maintaining the temperature in a heated room in a predetermined range.

Thermostat for floor heating may be an analog design in which the required setting the temperature of the heated space is done by turning the drum coated with a temperature scale. This type of regulator is the simplest, and it does not allow to achieve significant energy savings.

The thermostat of the second type represents digital device equipped with a display and keypad. Such regulators are highly accurate temperature control. They may also contain a temperature change in the program depending on the time of day or the time of the last operation of electric heaters.

Digital regulators allow to obtain a significant reduction in power consumption due to high precision temperature control in the room. Some types of thermostats can be equipped with a remote control system using a remote control panel that allows you to quickly change from underfloor heated space.

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