How to make the most simple heating system for the house

In a private or a country house can be very simple with their own hands the heating system. It will consist of a simple cylinder, which will be built in the Russian oven. It will be heated by an open flame until it burns in the combustion chamber.

The boiler must be connected to the furnace tube radiators, installed in the right places around the house. The water, which is heated in the boiler, will eventually provide steam which in turn "will" on all radiators at home and will be back on the circuit cooled down in the boiler.

You can also make sure that water circulates in this circuit and return back along the same contour in the boiler.

Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the first option allows you to make the most convenient location of the pipes due to the fact that the pairs in any case will go to where he is ordered.

With valves herein may also adjust the temperature in the premises, making parallel tapping pipes and radiators. The only thing to take into account here because the angle of inclination of the pipes.

To prevent the airing of the system, it is necessary to achieve the total absence of places where air can accumulate. In addition, the boiler needs to be maintained always constant pressure, which will protect the water from overheating and rapid boil.

Very convenient to use the second option just a private home heating system. As mentioned above, as the coolant, it uses the heated water. The very same heating system is not heating devices - the air heated by the pipes themselves, which in this case are set large diameter.

The main drawback of such a system is the fact that you do not get incision radiator in it - or possible, but only on the supply air principle, which makes it impossible to put the heat flow regulator premises. In this case, it will be only very warm in the rooms, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the boiler, while the back room almost do not warmed.

Both the heating system of a private house, which we have listed above, always have a special expansion tanks, water that falls in the case of strong boiling in a cauldron. This is necessary due to the fact that water tends to greatly expand when heated to the reflux temperature.

Location tank is strictly regulated. In the first case, the expansion tank is installed on a ceiling that is not very advantageous to agree with an aesthetic point of view. In the second case, it is put on the ceiling, but it is also inconvenient, since it is not always convenient to climb into the attic and pour back in the fracture of the water system.

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