Door handles: installation and species

As a rule, doors are purchased without installed accessories. Thus, we have to purchase and install their own door handles, locks as needed. Doorhandle  - it is not only a functional element, but it also completes the holistic image of an interior door. In this category of hardware has its own species, classification, and today we'll talk about it, and how to install a doorknob correctly.

Interior turning door handles

Door handle - types
I classification
Doorknob entrance. When selecting a pen must pay attention not so much on the exterior, but on the strength, quality installation parts. The handle for the front door is hard to open the massive door. Door handle for interior doors. These pens are more petite and graceful dimensions, they can complement the whole design of the apartment. However, this does not absolve it of responsibility to be of high quality and durable materials.

The scheme of installation of the door handle with his own hands
The scheme of installation of the door handle with his own hands

II classification
Door handle the case with cutting mechanism

. For such a mechanism must be in the door to make a big hole to fit to the entire mechanism. Such pens are considered more aesthetic. With patch mechanism. Door handle with such a mechanism is easier to install, it is sufficient to make the door leaf in a small hole to attach it on both sides and secure.

III classification
Turning a doorknob
Door handles. From the title it is clear that the use of such pens, use a gentle pressing and the door will open. Such pens are equipped with a metal tongue, which cuts into the door frame. When pressed, he goes into the mechanism and no longer prevents movement of the door.

The stationary door handle - a pen that does not turn, not turning, it is always in the same position. For it can only grasp and push to open the door. This knob simply lay on both sides of the door and fix the screws. For a stationary door handle will only fit the lock with roller latch - just pull the handle and latch depart

Door handle -sharik (pushbutton or handle). This handle has a spherical shape with the one side of the key hole, and a latch on the other. This kind of lever handle - it is also equipped with an external latch. The difference is that there is no need to press, but only to turn the ball aside.
Handles for sliding doors. Typically, these pens are a continuation of the door leaf and visually does not stand out. They are stationary and do not imply the presence of the lock or latch.

What makes door handles
In modern time the door handle can be made of any material such as a cheap and very expensive. The most popular material of the door handle - it's metal and wood.

More durable and practical - it's metal. As a rule, they are made of brass and aluminum. Such pens are suitable for rooms with high humidity (bathroom and toilet rooms). They practically do not tend to wear (especially brass) and will serve you for a long time.

Wooden handles are considered less durable. It is recommended to choose a door handle wooden hardwood conifer. But still, the handle of the tree does not need to put in rooms in high humidity. The percentage is much higher abrasion metal handles.

Installing the door handle

You will need:
Roulette screwdrivers or screwdriver Drill Hammer line-gon Pencils Chisel Screws Drills on a tree
Remember, if your house is more than one door, the handles on all doors are installed at the same height.

Step by step installation:
Step 1 - Determine the height of the handle of the future.

Step 2 - Next, measure out the floor resulting value, departing from the edge of 6 cm, knurled on both sides. The thickness of the end of the door divided into two and on your height and make an incision.

Step 3 - Try a handle on the door of your height. Tongue lock should extend beyond the edge. Now draw out a pencil the place where the pen is in contact with the door leaf. Thus, we have identified the place for drilling.
The optimum height of the door handle - on a belt human. If a family member is a big difference in the growth, then take an average. Take into account the growth in adults only (21 years).

Step 4 - Drill holes. To do this, take a special crown of the tree. Drill keep strictly perpendicular to the door. The holes for the lock tongue recommended drill bit, approximately 6 mm.

Step 5 - Installing the door handle. Place the lock mechanism in the hole made you secure it with screws. After that, both sides impose arms and bolted. At the end of the trim insert on the handle, which hides the screws and extra markings.

Installing the door handle on the inner door, as you have seen, the process is not complicated and is suitable for independent work

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