Infrared teplovolnovoy floor heating and flat,

Underfloor heating and space heating using infrared radiation to date quite promising and a new kind of heat. it has a great many advantages over classic heating methods.

Infrared heaters teplovolnovye, Is a relatively new, but already managed to prove itself as a very practical and cost-effective operation and installation of the heating system. Such systems are very Heated require minimal maintenance, no need to repair them and call the qualified experts. Teplovolnovye infrared heating system They have a very long service life measured in decades. Heat transfer by radiation of infrared rays, implies a uniform heating zone in heating of all surfaces (furniture, walls, floors) and not air, as happens in the case of convection heating. This heat retention is not achieved under the ceiling, and down by the surfaces and no dust accumulation and lack of drafts.

Currently, because of the restrictions and limits of growth in energy prices is becoming increasingly important use of more efficient heating sources. In this regard, the heads of the various organizations and companies that have very high and large premises (shopping halls, production halls, warehouses, garages, gyms, etc.), it makes sense to pay attention to how to cut costs heat.

Infrared heating teplovolnovoyIn many cases, it is the most economical heating. Also, infrared heating is called - radiant and far. In those cases where space heating is carried out by convection heating, primarily heating of the air takes place, and it is a poor coolant. Only after the air is heated, the heat will begin to be delivered to a person. Above, all the warm air is under the ceiling, creating a powerful convection currents that move the dust in the room, and cold air is at the bottom, near the floor. With such heating, a significant part of the energy is consumed in the blank, heating underceiling space which is useless for the consumer.

Thermal energy generated by infrared teplovolnovymi heaters, air is not absorbed, so almost no losses, all the heat coming from the device reaches the people and objects that are in the area of ​​its heat and produces no heating air, namely, them. The use of infrared heating systems teplovolnovymi It provides energy savings up to 40%. This is especially noticeable in areas with large areas and high ceilings, as occurs under the ceiling clusters of warm air, which is what makes these indispensable topitelnye instruments for solving problems economical heating.

Space heating by an infrared source - it is the only way which allows to heat locally separate areas indoors or jobs. There is an opportunity in different parts of the room to maintain its temperature. Tochetchny space heating is achieved by setting Heated devices under separate areas indoors and jobs.

If we compare infrared heaters traditional, the first provides accelerated heating of premises. From infrared heaters heat transfer teplovolnovyh objects and people it is instantaneous. In this connection, no need to pre-heat the premises or permanently. If necessary, at night or just optional, it is possible to adjust the temperature, thus reducing energy costs.

Thermal radiation from infrared sources - a type of heat distribution. This heat, which each can feel the sun, hot stove or fireplace. With the X-ray and it has nothing to do with ultraviolet radiation. It is widely used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases and is absolutely safe for humans.

Infrared rays They have a number of positive characteristics, such as, targeted and quick overcoming flooring heating them gently and uniformly. Then there is the heated man and objects in the room. The air is warmed by indoor objects already heated by the secondary convection. Due to the properties of your heating infrared system is considered the most gentle and soft views heating for all kinds of wooden flooring and as a main heating can be successfully applied. It takes only 10 - 15 minutes to heat the floor covering to 30 degrees Celsius.

When laying infrared film, plate not required, it is placed by a "dry mount" a wood coating, thereby reducing the cost of installation. Thus, the film assembly may be accomplished as the lags between the attic or the second floor, and the rough wood or concrete floor.

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