How to make a swing with his own hands, it is not difficult

Oh, swing, swing! How good and pleasant memories they leave us. Starting from an early age and throughout his life, a swing for the human been and will be, perhaps, the most surprising, pleasant and-relax-fun entertainment.

Well, so what's the deal? What, you can not afford to buy a swing? Although, no! It is better to make a swing to his arms. Then, they will be even more enjoyable, and pride in their work appears. And we can help you with this. In this article we will talk about, how to make a swing with his own hands.

So, let's begin.
The most simple in the manufacture of swing, of course, are - a wooden swing. That is, the production of a wooden swing and we will cover in this article.

For the manufacture of a wooden swing, we need:
To manufacture the swing support itself. Prop swing consists of: lower frame, vertical struts and horizontal crossbars.
The lower frame serves to swing resistance, it must be manufactured from a bar 100x100 mm. The optimum length for the frame is considered, the length of the outboard bench + 600 mm., A width of 1.5 meters do, is the optimum size for the construction stability when rocking.

Putting the frame of the four beams, connecting them in a half-tree and strengthening the self-tapping screws. Everything is ready to frame. To protect it from rotting, be sure to treat it spetsrastvorami.

Now we make the uprights. The design will be a triangle, a lower side which will be the side of the bottom frame. That is, the anchoring parts by means of metal screws and the edges of the bottom frame sides two vertical beams (100x100 mm.) Converge with each other at the top. At the convergence of the boards at the top, usovat them is necessary so that the size of the top point became 100x100 mm. The height of the uprights is slightly higher than human height (180cm.) And a width equal to the width of the lower frame (1.5 m.).

Further, the fastened bar (bar 100x100 mm.) To upper points of the uprights for mounting using screws and metal corners.

In the manufacture of benches - seats, Be smart. It is best to make a bench with backrest and armrests, for one person (60 cm.), Two persons (140 cm.). Make a first frame itself, and then it obsheyte or plywood, or rack.

As for the suspension mechanism, it is best to use a chain with large links (it is more safe and reliable than the same cable). Secure it to the crossbeam by means of special brackets with eyelets at the ends or with the suspension hooks. For a more stable placement of benches - seats in limbo, the chain is mounted on it at all four corners.

At the end of the assembly of your swing, do not forget to paint them with paint or varnish, it will retain its durability and give it a certain charm.

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