What type of septic tank to do with your hands?

One of the main problems faced by developers and individual, and many beginning gardeners - is disposal or recycling of sewage waste. As a rule, they have to choose between a traditional cesspool or septic tank underground.

septic tanks in popularity in recent years is very high, which is why many users are increasingly asking, How to make septic own hands?

Very popular among Russians enjoy the option of using several sunken concrete rings without a bottom. Despite the visible simplicity it is fraught with a great nuisance - the possibility of entering sewage into groundwater.

The easiest septic tank - surface. He is best suitable for a summer garden, where there is running water and a toilet, and where the groundwater level is high enough. The name itself says that it is on the surface. Its size - 1,5h2 meters. If desired, it can bury at 50-60 centimeters. Regardless of the embodiment - of brick or concrete - reliable waterproofing must be made on the inner surface.

Log sewer pipe must be above the drain level. Sanitary norms of open septic tank location - 15 meters from the house.

It should also be equipped with a vent pipe. The recommended location of the channel height - 4 meters. To ensure that you save yourself and neighbors from odors, sunroof need to make airtight, with reliable locks.

The easiest option underground septic tank - septic tank. It can be concreted or regular.
In the first case, when it filled, the sewage is pumped using a sewage truck, and in the second case, a pit is filled.

The current solution to this problem - SRB - biological treatment plant with three steps. Three plastic container or concrete, buried to a depth of 10-15 meters, connected to each other, represent a purification system. The first capacitance deposited fecal weight, more light fraction - in the second container. At the outlet of the third tank goes water purified to 95% and quite suitable for technical use. The main requirement for capacity - reliable sealing, especially if they consist of concrete rings. must be protected from rodents capable of, especially in the lean years, chew plastic for plastic containers.

All most popular septic tanks, which use biological treatment. The entire system consists of a tank - aerostenki and biofilter. Uncleanness under the influence of microorganisms converted into gaseous products and mineral compounds that are soluble in water, which can even be used as fertilizer.
As you can see,
make septic tank with your hands is not so difficult. The main thing is to decide on its type.

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