Pitfalls of a stretch ceiling

Today, we pay attention to suspended ceilings. What is a stretch ceiling and what it eats. What are the pitfalls you can meet in the use of suspended structures. Necessarily note clear advantages for such wing in comparison with analogues.

What is suspended ceiling
If you simply and briefly explain the suspended ceiling - this film is stretched over the frame.

PVC canvas for suspended ceilings
PVC canvas for suspended ceilings

The composition of the stretch ceiling
The film (trade terms "web" or "fabric") consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In today's market a lot of fabric manufacturers to stretch to the ceiling. It is believed that some of the quality of films produced France and Germany. Of course, the web is of decent quality can be found in the Chinese market and the Russian market. The web may be of different colors and have different texture. Before the stretch film on the baguettes, it is subjected to heat treatment. After the fabric has cooled down, it becomes perfectly smooth look.

Installation of a stretch ceiling
Installation of a stretch ceiling

IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Films from different manufacturers have different widths. For example, German web has a width of no more than 2 meters. Therefore, when the installation of stretch ceiling in the great room, keep in mind that the film will be binding and will be visible to a small cooking seam. Or, you can choose another manufacturer that produces a film width of 4 meters.

Baguettes - a so-called straps that secure the fabric. Rods for suspended ceilings are interconnected by means of spacers and plugs.

for lighting appliances are also included in the design of suspended ceilings.

Pros stretch ceiling
By heating and then cooling the film becomes perfectly flat, without wrinkling and sink marks. It attaches to your ceiling an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Moreover, even without the monotonous ceiling levels are now in the trend. Suspended ceiling is installed quickly, without much dust and debris. Pasted wallpaper, new furniture in the process will not be affected. Mounting tension ceiling have experienced crews is from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the room size.

Suspended ceiling in case of flooding
Suspended ceiling in case of flooding

It is believed that in the production of the film involved only ecological materials, so the suspended ceiling can be installed in any living space. PVC fabric is completely waterproof. Therefore, it can be installed even in the bathroom and toilet rooms. PVC film is not exposed to mold, fungal decay and formations. Before installation of a stretch ceiling is not required to carry out the dirty work overlap. No need to specially prepare the ceiling. Suspended ceiling due to its skeleton is indented from the stove, where hide all defects. Suspended ceiling - simple design. And if you need to dismantle it (for example, to have access to communications, located at the top), then you can do it yourself.

Film - plastic material, so such a ceiling is not afraid of shrinkage of the house. This ceiling will serve you for years to come. Manufacturers put a period of 15 years and above. Manufacturers of PVC film created a large range of colors and prints. You can not be limited to white. Stretch ceiling for easy care. Suffice it with a damp sponge to walk on the surface for prevention. In general, the film has antistatic properties, so the dust on it you will not see. Qualitative PVC film withstands a load of 200 kg. This is a great feature to help you to save the apartment from flooding. In the event of flooding, the film is able to withstand all of the water. Of course, while it is inflated like a bubble, and the aesthetic appearance of it is lost, however, the entire interior, floors, furniture will not be affected. Suspended ceiling made of PVC film, you can do several tiered.

Disadvantages stretch ceiling
Sung the praises of many ceiling-tissue now will land on the ground a little bit and talk about the pitfalls of a stretch ceiling.
PVC film can not withstand the heat (above 60C). At this temperature, it becomes elastic and begins to sag. Therefore it is not recommended to install the suspended ceiling in the kitchen and in the saunas. The only exceptions are high ceilings. At the same time the ceiling of PVC is not installed in cold rooms. The temperature at below 10C is at which the web will not crack. If you are using a built-in appliances for lighting, keep in mind that extreme heat from the light bulb, the film starts to lose color in the contact areas and crack. Therefore, special attention is paid to the choice of light bulbs.

PVC fabric is easily damaged
PVC fabric is easily damaged

The film is in suspended ceilings easily damaged with a sharp object, so you need to carefully deal with some ceiling space. For example, when kleetsya wallpaper or install a chandelier. If a large space, it is likely that the film will glue factory. Therefore, the ceiling will be visible to a small seam. Of course, the naked eye it is unlikely that anyone will notice, and you should just get used to it. Suspended ceiling, due to its frame height of the room eating. Beware of scams with poor-quality PVC film. In its production using harmful to health impurities. Choose only well-known manufacturers, with good reviews and the presence of certificates.

That's all the pros and cons of a stretch ceiling, which we would like to tell you. Take a decision in favor or not in favor of a ceiling made of PVC film to you. Relate all the advantages and disadvantages of your needs and make your selection.

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