The most simple ways to cut ceramic tiles

We are now increasingly we find ceramic tiles, not only in the bathroom, but also in the living room, the kitchen - the popularity of this durable material increases. Doing the repair yourself, we will not will face the fact that the tiles have to be cut, to put it aesthetically beautiful and smooth.

What tools can cut tile?

In fact, here is a great list of tools: professional and ordinary scrap funds.

glass cutter; nail; knife; drill; Bulgarian; Tile (manual and electric).

Professional craftsmen are advised to carry out a trial cut. Since each tool for cutting tiles has its own characteristics and properties.

How to cut tile Tile.

This is the easiest, but it and most popular way of cutting. It is important to choose the Tile size for the selected tile.

How to work with Tile:

Knurled pencil where you want to cut the tiles; Put the tiles on the soft "pillow" Tile, combining notches stamped on Tile; Omit the handle down and hold the slider on the tile with the same pressure and speed in a direction from itself. If the tile cutter is good, then once enough to hold the slider and tiles easily split into the desired parts you;

Special tile cutter for cutting granite

Next to the slider has special tabs that when lowered, break a tile. The cheapest Tile advised not to buy, because it often breaks the plate. There are electric tile cutters. They are considered more professional and are used to working with a large amount of work.

How to cut tile grinder.

Bulgarian - a grinder. Enough to take the diamond blade to her. Mark the cut line on the tile. Disk drive is not at the line and along it (stepping 1-2 mm).

Less work with grinder - a lot of dust. Heed safety precautions: work with glasses, gloves and cover your hair.

Slice of a less quality than that of Tile, but the big difference there.

How to trim the tiles with the letter G

Since Tile cuts just right, and you need a L-shaped cross-section. It's simple. Short side cut grinder, and then a longer Tile.

How to cut granite

Porcelain stoneware tiles differs from only thick. Here a simple Tile vryatli cope. Take grinders and diamond disc. If the cut to dry, do not forget about safety precautions, so it will be a lot of dust.

Choose a metal disc with a diamond coating on the edges without holes.

The junction of tiles can be arranged in two ways:

Ceramic "pencil" in the design of joints

close the ceramic area (the most popular method), washed down tile edges at 45 degrees (the method for perfectionists).

For the second method, you'll need all the same Bulgarian and diamond blade. The angle is adjusted in the "eye". Or you can do a professional electric tile cutter, which is not at all.

Other methods of cutting tile.

If you need to cut just a couple of bars, of course, it is inappropriate to buy tile cutter or diamond blade (which, by the way, not cheap).

How to cut tile at home

Surely you have in the house has a glass cutter, a drill, in the end, a nail or a knife construction.

Take a metal ruler, apply to the cutting line, and spend some time in any above listed tool.

Then, place the tiles so that the cutting line lying on the edge of any surface. Thus, one of the tiles you lies, the other is shed. Tapping on the desired cutting line of the tiles will disappear.

For such a method can be for 30 minutes to soak the tiles in water, so the cutting process will be easier.

We conclude. Cut tile fairly easily. Not necessarily to buy expensive professional tools and have special skills. But there is one thing: a lot depends on the quality of the tiles.

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