What a way to bricklaying choose?

Modern construction involves a number of different methods of laying bricks. On how properly selected method of masonry, will depend on the quality and service life of a structure.

Known only two species bricklaying - back filling and miles. In order to carry out laying back filling is used only one method - vpoluprisyk. But the second type of masonry - miles gives builders a wide variety of ways. In this case, of which there are three - namely, vprisyk, vprisyk undercut and vprizhim. In selecting the most optimal method of laying it is very important to take into account the humidity of materials, time of year, weather conditions, and other factors that have a direct impact on the construction process.

Laying vpoluprisyk.

The process of executing bricklaying vpoluprisyk not extremely difficult, and therefore does not require significant expertise. In this case it is necessary to spread a special solution between the outer and inner miles, and then to lay the bricks in a back filling. Bricks immersed in a solution, and then move close to their bricks, which were laid before. At the same time, for the most snug fit to be hard-pressed to perform hands. If during this process remain unfilled joints, they must be carefully fill with cement mortar.

Laying vprisyk.

To perform a master clutch vprisyk spreads solution, leaving the edges of about two or two and a half centimeters - this is necessary for filling the vertical joints. Next, he takes her hand and rakes its brick face of the required amount of solution. Immediately applies bricks as close as possible to the already laid brick so that part of the solution were filled joints walls arranged vertically.

Laying vprizhim.

A brick masonry vprizhim is the most time consuming to all. It involves the use of a rigid solution, and also requires a larger number of hand movements. The prepared solution should be spread out so that the front side was 15 millimeters voids. Further mason carefully leveled solution and begins to press tightly thereto bricks. Thus masonry is obtained absolutely pure, dense and very strong, and joints - evenly filled.

Laying vprisyk undercut.

To implement this method, the solution should be spread out in exactly the same manner as the clutch vprisyk., Although the technique is similar to the method of its implementation vprizhim. Masonry brick vprisyk undercut ensures absolute grouting both vertically and horizontally.

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