Parents make repairs in the room of his son. Photos Before / After

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Until repairs in the room a young man, it was a mess, it is on the one hand not surprising, because teenagers are rarely exemplary hosts and neat people, but here the problem was greater than in the other, most likely do not have space for Storage.

To repair pushed further and the state of the room, the walls were a dark yellow color, very oppressive atmosphere, the old incomprehensible bed and desk. It can be seen that the repair was made long ago and in a room of a young man obviously will not invite friends.

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After repairs are all very much transformed, the first thing that catches your voice, the room was bright, but bright.

On the floor is a light gray laminate, the walls pokleit wallpaper of several species. Over white sofa with 3D effect, and on the edges of the wallpaper with geometric patterns of different colors.

Instead of the old bedding set blue, new, sofa.

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Desk and chair is also new and modern, and now for this table will be comfortable and play and spend time learning.

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The vacated space along the wall installed a large corner cupboard, where you can now comfortably store all things.

In general, modern room, youth and it can be fun to invite friends and everyone will sit comfortably in it.

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What would change? Value at all bother and make repairs, or and so it was okay?

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